About Brittany

Since ‍a ‍young ‍age, ‍Brittany ‍has ‍been ‍passionate ‍about ‍business. With ‍a ‍degree ‍in ‍Entrepreneurial ‍Management ‍from ‍Texas ‍Christian ‍University, ‍she ‍continuously ‍shares ‍different ‍business ‍opportunities ‍with ‍friends ‍and ‍family, ‍and ‍has ‍brought ‍a ‍few ‍to ‍fruition. She ‍has ‍learned ‍over ‍the ‍years ‍that ‍where ‍passion ‍and ‍creativity ‍meet ‍is ‍where ‍she ‍thrives. Taking inspiration and turning it into something that someone else will enjoy in their home or be excited to give to another is something she is honored and grateful to be able to do each day.

Brittany started ‍‍“Basically ‍Brittany Designs” which encompasses ‍all ‍of ‍Brittany’s ‍creative ‍ideas, ‍such ‍as ‍“Christmas Stovetop ‍Potpourri” ‍and ‍‍custom embroidery for ‍individuals ‍as well as wholesale for ‍businesses.

Brittany ‍also ‍serves on the board of ‍directors for Holidays ‍& ‍Heroes, a 501c3 non-profit. She ‍has ‍had ‍the ‍opportunity ‍to ‍help ‍with ‍many ‍different ‍aspects ‍of ‍Holidays ‍& ‍Heroes ‍since ‍its ‍inception ‍in ‍2015. She ‍is ‍grateful ‍to ‍have ‍had ‍values ‍instilled ‍from ‍a ‍young ‍age ‍regarding ‍the ‍importance ‍of ‍volunteering ‍in ‍the ‍community ‍and ‍abroad. 

‍Brittany ‍is ‍married ‍to ‍Andrew ‍Rico. They ‍have ‍2 ‍young ‍children as well as 2 fur babies, a Yorkie and a German Short Hair.